Sometimes we need a good laugh

A long time ago a friend laid these words of wisdom at my feet; "Perfection is not what it's cracked up to be." It's winter, it's cold and dreary, and those tiny falling ice crystals are slowing accumulating . This heavy snow has imprisoned one of my bikes in a newly formed glacier which was once my driveway.

So unfortunately I'm stuck indoors and I'm playing with my BLOG. - BIG mistake!!! - Ironically I wrote a short story awhile ago explaining why that isn't a good idea. Do I learn from my past mishaps...NO! So now I lay victim to a new disease called...
(BOCDS) 'Blogger Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Syndrome.'
The warning signs are;
1 - The need to constantly add postings to your BLOG.
2 - The compulsion desire to correct or update what you just wrote.
3 - An insatiable addiction to have as many 'Followers' as possible.
**(This has a rebound effect since no one is actually following)**
4 - An uncontrollable fixation with changing your template or profile.

The seriousness of this affliction came to light after police would respond to missing persons reports. The lost family member would be found sitting at their computer monitor with a glazed over look in their eyes. As the victim was lead away you could hear a feeble mumbling about making just one more correction. A form of shock treatment has recently been tested where the victim is placed in front of a monitor in a closed room. Then a loud blaring sound is emitted stunning the patient back to reality. It only has a 40% success rate.

At present there is no know cure for this affliction. The AMA has recommended that if you find yourself Blogging for 4 hours or more, immediately seek medical help. However there is a temporary solution that involves an on-line 12 step program. The only problem is that you have to Log-In and this somewhat defeats the whole purpose. Keep tuned to this BLOG for updated information.
(Disclaimer: No motorcycles were harmed in the making of this BLOG. Models were used.)