Sometimes we need a good laugh

Now that's what I call a libido

Several of us were at the gym today and the conversation came up that Jack LaLanne had just passed away. We spoke about how he kept himself fit all those years. One man remarked that when Jack was in his 80’s he was interviewed by a reporter.
Allegedly the interviewer asked him if he was still having sex.
Without missing a beat he told the reporter;  “Yes, I have sex almost everyday.”

Taken back by his quick response she immediately asked him;
“You mean to tell me you have sex almost everyday???”

At which point he replied;
“Yes, I almost had sex on Monday…I almost had sex on Tuesday…I almost had sex on Wednesday…,” and so on.
So to an inspirational man who we watched on our small Black & White TVs,
back when a microwave was just a small ripple of water at Jones Beach, I say:
“Rest in Peace, thanks for showing us how far we can push ourselves and that a sense of humor is essential for good health.”