Sometimes we need a good laugh


OK, I’ve seen these stories where images of Jesus are appearing on a car window, frying pans and pancakes. (Click 'Blue' links) I know people can see almost any image on inanimate objects if they try hard enough. I was raised Catholic so I'm familiar how over zealous religious fanatics can get. Our latest participant is from Massachusetts and saw J.C's face on her 'iron.'

Alright she’s Catholic, that's no big surprise. She felt a revelation that life is going to be better, that seems to follow the pattern. And, she doesn’t plan to use it anymore…
well, DUH !!!   I mean even I wouldn’t want to be pressing my shirts with the savior’s face. He wouldn't do that if he saw my image on his iron. What's right is right, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Has anyone asked a more prevalent question, “Just how bad a housekeeper is this woman?” I mean I’ve done my share of laundries in my lifetime. Now I’m no rocket scientist, but when I saw a mark on the soleplate of the iron it meant only one thing...'I burnt something.'  In no way did I ever feel that the second coming was at hand,  although there were plenty of white shirts that went on to a better place.

So for all of you who see J.C. in your burnt pancakes, dirty car windows, greasy frying pans and scorched irons…I say, “Thank You.” You have all given me hope for the future, because it just goes to show there are people crazier than me out there.