Sometimes we need a good laugh

For The Birds

(This is a true story)

The call comes in, 'Elderly lady thinks someone is harassing her'. Arrive at the location and this sweetheart of a grandma answers the door. She thinks she’s getting crank phone calls.
Grandma: “I’m getting calls but no one answers. They come at all hours of the day.”   
Me: "Let’s take a look."
Hmmmm, phone is working OK, there’s a TV in the room, small bed, open window and a cockatiel (Parrot).
: “What happens when you get these calls?”
: “The phone rings, I say 'Hello' but nobody answers."
Me: "The phone is next to the open window, maybe it's your neighbor's."
Grandma: (In an insistent voice) "No, No, it's mine!"
Hmmmm again, suddenly the parrot starts mimicking a ringing telephone.
Grandma runs to the phone, picks it up and says, “Hello, Hello!"
"See this is what I’m talking about."
ME: Ok, this is going to be a loooong day.