Sometimes we need a good laugh

There’s been a lot going on in the news lately concerning the phone tapping scandals. I was aware of these kinds of shenanigans back in the ‘70’s. Fortunately communication technology was still in its primitive stages back then. Today it’s a whole different ball game. Two year ago I posted this anecdote; I think it’s even more appropriate today. So I hope you enjoy…George Orwell's 1884: Is privacy dead?

OK, anyone who has ever opened a book is familiar with GEORGE ORWELL'S '1984'.
Look...I believe in being secure and the advancements of technology, but come on...

I grew up in the days of Black & White TV. I've learned to adjust to the changing times. I have a computer, cell phone, my Wi-Fi has replaced my High-Fi and so on. Now my problem is that I'm afraid to scratch my ass without it being posted on YouTube.

I figure I'm being captured by surveillance cameras at least 147 times a day. I can always be located by triangulation with my cell phone. My computer has anti-virus, anti-spyware, and is surrounded by anti-personal mines so no one will steal it. My home phone is probably tapped (Look, I've been there) and there's a spy satellite somewhere in outer space watching my every move.

I need a break. For the next hour I'm turning off my cell, unplugging my phone, shutting down my computer and hiding in my closet. I need some alone time.

I'm sorry if I'm rambling but senility is new to me.