Sometimes we need a good laugh

With Easter approaching little Johnny made his yearly pilgrimage to church to confess his sins. He entered the confessional, knelt down and blessed himself. Father O’Malley just happened to be doing the reconciliation or penance that day. Johnny went through the usual ritual and admitted that he had taken improper actions with one of the girls at school.
The good father wasn’t at all surprised and began asking him questions.
“Was it the one they call loose Sally?” Johnny replied; “No father.”
“What about that carefree spirit Angie?” Again the answer was no.
“Don’t tell me it was that she devil Alice”
Johnny insisted that he couldn’t divulge the girl’s name.
When absolution was finally given Father ‘O’ asked if he felt good about his confession.
Johnny replied; “I sure do father...I now have 3 new prospects.”