Sometimes we need a good laugh

Here's looking at you

A stunning brunette walks into a bar and sits down. A young gentleman sees her and strikes up a conversation. They find many things in common and their talk gets intense. During a heated debate the brunette becomes excited and her glass eye pops out. Without skipping a beat  her suitor snatches the eye in mid air and hands it back to her. She calmly replaces it as if nothing happened.

Time passes and she suggests they go back to her apartment. Soon they're intertwined in some passionate kissing and the man makes his more. Suddenly she stops and pushes him away. He asks, "What's wrong." She replies, "Don't think you're going all the way tonight. The only reason you got this far was that you caught my eye." 

Oooooo that was bad, it sounded a lot funnier when I had a few drinks in me.