Sometimes we need a good laugh

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, or as most of us baby boomers know it…the ’50, a little boy grew up with the magic of model trains at Christmas time. You guessed it, I was that little boy. In those days these mechanical marvels captivated the attention of everyone since they were ‘High Tech’ at the time. But there was also another reason, something mystical happens when a miniature village comes to life. It was true then and it’s still true today.

In the borough of, ‘The Bronx’, a place known as The New York Botanical Garden has a very unique holiday show. Artisans with incredible talents created a Lilliputian's view of days long gone.

 Why do I say incredible, well all the buildings and scenery are made of organic materials. Branches, twigs, leaves, nuts, dried flowers, etc, come together to create a replica of New York City in simpler days. The detailing is unbelievable. (Click the video - I think you'll enjoy the show)