Sometimes we need a good laugh

Bluetooth is such an amazing invention. We no longer have to answer those cumbersome 'cigarette pack sized cell phones.'(Try saying that 6 times fast) Now we can plug the earpiece directly into our ear, and when a call comes in just push a tiny button. It so easy to use and so much fun to watch.

When ushering down the isle of a supermarket we see a shopper chatting away. At the same time each hand is holding a can of cat food. Is she talking to a friend or the cans? Then there's the businessman committed to closing a big deal as he walks down the street. He rambles away as both hands are feverishly texting messages on his Blackberry

How about that well dressed woman leaning against the cornerstone of a building. Her hands twisting tissues as she seeks help with her love life? Let's not forget the soccer mom racing from her daughter's dance lesson. Both hands clenched on the steering wheel, while trying to catch up on the latest gossip. It's such a great way to stay connected, and also to impress strangers. There's only one reason we talk so loud, it's so that others can eavesdrop.

When you think about it there are so many people talking on hands free phones these days. You have to wonder who's really having a conversation, or who's just talking to themselves. I wish to speak for those of us who "think out loud"...Bluetooth has become a godsend. No longer will we be looked upon as crazy since we verbalize our thoughts. Now we can blend in without anyone being the wiser.

If you're creative a whole new comical side opens up. Think about it, how much fun would it be to stand next to someone and fabricate an exciting life.

Imagine a '20' something guy boasting about his fictitious high paying career. Standing next to him is a sexy young girl he's trying to impress. They're both holding a bus pole, but he's on his way to work as a stock clerk. I particularly like walking down a crowded street mimicking a foreign language. At the same time flailing hand gestures keep everyone at a distance. It's the only way to create a space cushion while navigating the sidewalks of New York.

So from all of us who are making factious calls, trying to impress, love to be viewed as cool, or, who just like talking to ourselves - I say thank you. Bluetooth is not only a useful tool, it's has become a great toy to mess with people's heads.