Sometimes we need a good laugh

How did we ever get along without the Internet? Today we can pay bills, upload family movies, book vacations, and so much more. An interesting conversation came up a few weeks ago while waiting in a doctor's office. One of his assistants said; "I wonder what Heaven is like? Since no one is returning from the dead it's impossible to know."

Naturally, since I have a warped sense of humor, I said; "Wouldn't it be nice if there was a site called where you can post your after life experience." When you think about it there are travel logs for everything these days. People rate hotels and vacation spots, so why not a place to express your opinion of the afterlife.
Maybe it could go something like this:
"Well I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised. The only problem was that Saint Peter took a long time checking everyone's eternal passport. You would be surprised at how many uninvited guests try to sneak in."
Bob from Seattle, Wash.
"I was very impressed with the Pearly Gates. I think Tiffany helped in the design. It took a while locating lost relatives since their computers were down the day I arrived. We did finally meet up and everyone was glad to see me. Although they were surprised that I had died."
Carol from Sydney, Australia.
"I really like the place, it's better than I imagined. My wife and I are staying at Plato's Retreat (No connection to the one in NYC during the 70's) My only complaint is that there are too many theme parks. Old timers claim it has gotten worse since Disney arrived. It seems commercialism is everywhere these days."
Nicholas and Anastasia from Athens, Greece.
Who knows, anything could be possible in the future.